The Mini Basketball Congress will be a unique opportunity

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An event that can’t be missed, the 10th Argentine Congress of Mini Basketball, organized by the Argentina Basketball Confederation (CABB), which will take place in the Noar Maccabi club from Friday March 23 to Sunday 25 and will be attended by leading directives from across the continent.

In an interview with Basketball Cordoba, Mario Ontivero, president of the Basketball Federation of the Province of Cordoba and the Argentine Department of Mini Basketball (belonging to CABB), noted that having an event of this magnitude "for the first time and in our turf will be a unique opportunity" and with a long list of guests.
First, representing FIBA Americas, Rafael Uribe, president of Mini Basketball Committee will be present, along with Victor Ojeda, director of the Basketball Academy of the entity. They will be joined by managers and coaches from Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile to share knowledge with the presidents and technical advisers from the various departments of the Minibasket Federations of the CABB.

In that sense, Ontivero stated the focus of the Congress: "The most interesting aspect will be the workshops, which are divided and organized for everyone to express themselves and thus create an environment where everybody involved in Mini in the country can discuss future foundation and methodologies for their work. "
Moreover, the president of the FBPC explained that the conference will be divided into individual training times for coaches, referees and officials, so the different institutions of Cordovan sport can express themselves.

In addition, the Department also president of CABB mini-basketball pledged their presence indicated that Emeterio Farias, the highest authority of the Agency Cordoba Sports, with Ricardo Baffaro (first vowel) and Paul Mazzieri (Director of Sport Land) and, finally, thanked the collaboration of the Technical Association of Cordoba (ACOTEBA), which will be "at the head of the organization and work for the Congress to provide human resources."
The dynamics of the meeting will be through lectures, workshops, training sessions and plenary sessions. In addition, four speakers: teachers Jorge Díaz Vélez and Claudio Frattoni, the Bachelor of Psychology Cesar Bernhardt and the referee Gabriel Tarifeño. The meeting will also feature the following speakers: Professors Henry Tolcachier (CABB Sports Director), Victor Ojeda (Director Academy Basketball FIBA Americas), Walter Garrone (ENEBA), Diego Brazzale (ENEBA) and Rafael Uribe (President of mini-basketball FIBA Americas Committee).


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